What is HIX Compare?

HIX Compare is a set of plan-level public use files of the individual and small group fully insured market in all 50 states plus D.C., available for non-commercial use.

Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, HIX Compare is the only dataset with information on nearly every individual (2014-2024) and small group (2014-2024) marketplace plan, and most off marketplace plans as well. HIX Compare contains information on plan characteristics, such as premiums and benefit design. HIX Compare is a machine readable file available in CSV and Stata formats.

How can HIX Compare be used?

Reporters can create a range of data-driven stories for consumers with HIX Compare's information, from the state of small group coverage in the South to how ER cost-sharing differs between Nevada and New Mexico. Advocates can analyze characteristics of plans in particular markets. Researchers, government, and others can analyze market trends, and the potential impact of policy changes.

RWJF is happy to work with reporters, advocates, and others to help them use these data to better understand the market. Download the HIX Compare one-pager for more information.

Additional Data Sources

Provider-network and formulary data are available to qualified, non-commercial, researchers. For more information, visit Ideon.

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